About Us

We are Steve and Jan Williams, and we’ve lived all our married life on the Wirral peninsula. We met in 1973, married 4 years later, and almost immediately bought our first Rough Collie, and have been in love with the breed ever since.
Our first collie, a tricolour, was Clayswood Don Brandy bred by Mrs Clay. He was from really old stock, but we knew nothing of breeding or bloodlines then and he remained a much loved pet all his life. When he died we were devasted and decided we couldn’t live without a collie. Wanting a change of colour, we got our first blue merle dog, Sindalyn Frosty Morning, from Alison Spring. She persuaded us to try showing him, but as he had a few problems, we soon stopped showing. When he was about 1 year old, we got our first bitch, Myruff Mystery in Black. She hated showing but did give us our first litter.
Our next bitch - also a tricolour - Mannew Crystal Spirit of Essanjay, did well in the show ring in spite of not being keen, but sadly we never got the litter from her that we had hoped for. In 1994, what proved to be our real foundation bitch joined us. Ingledene Shades Of Blue at Essanjay, or Sky as we called her, had her first litter 2 years later, from which we kept our lovely Essanjay Storm Warning. Sky went on to have 2 more litters but it is her firstborn son, Shadow, that we have to thank for our more recent successes.
His daughter Chelsea, Boughlee Midnight Magic for Essanjay, was born when her dad was already a veteran, and we also have her daughter Carly, Essanjay Black Velvet, who is a dream to show. Sadly it does not seem that she will be able to carry on the family line.

We are extremely grateful to Angela & Keith Harvey of Wicani for allowing us to have Wicani Moonkissed Maiden at Essanjay to restart our breeding plans. Misty has produced 2 beautiful litters for us, and our breeding plans now continue with one of her daughters and her grand daughter.