Essanjay Moonlight Shadow
D.O.B 16th. October, 2011
Boughlee Midnight Storm x Essanjay Moonlighting

We are proud to introduce our newest baby, Lola. She is the first tricolour puppy we have kept for seven years, and is the long awaited result of merging our two breeding lines.

Her mum is our beautiful Lacey, whose own mum Misty started our new breeding plans, with the deeply appreciated help of Angela and Keith Harvey (Wicani).

Lola's dad is a grandson of our late, much lamented Shadow, thus linking her to our first breeding line(Ingledene).

To celebrate this link, we have named her Moonlight (from her mum) Shadow (from her great grandad).

She has plenty to live up to, but at the moment she is just being a happy, loving mischievous little girl - which is as it should be.